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When it comes to money, are you an Accumulator, Alchemist, Celebrity, Connector, Maverick, Nurturer or Romantic?

The truth is that you're a combination of them all! Your unique path to wealth starts with learning how you naturally attract and repel money according to your combination of archetypes.

This is why you can't blindly follow generic marketing advice or copy someone else's business model - it might be completely wrong for your money personality!

I'm Denise Duffield-Thomas (Ruler, Maverick, Romantic) and I've built a multi-million dollar business with my husband Mark (Ruler, Maverick, Celebrity).

I've worked with all the different archetypes, and I can help you find your path of least resistance to money too!

If you're obsessed with personality quizzes, you'll love going deeper into your Sacred Money Archetypes®. It's a game-changer!


Buy now to unlock the potential of your money personality to:

  • Earn more money from your natural strengths and gifts - specifically how you can use your money personality in your marketing and business to bring more money in with less effort! (It's totally different for everyone)
  • Stop your repetitive financial mistakes and overcome your money challenges - you'll be surprised how your personality leaks money unnecessarily or sabotages easy wins. Each archetype combination does it differently.
  • Attract more of your ideal customers when you learn how to market directly to their money personality and how you can naturally help them with yours. This is GOLD and why it's worth getting access to all 8 archetypes. It's like having a secret superpower.
  • Build your business in alignment with your personality so you can finally feel in flow with money and usher more grace, ease and abundance into your life.


ACCUMULATORS: Omg – everyone wishes they were as organized as you. Honestly. I know you probably thought you got the “boring” archetype but you have so many amazing gifts. But listen up: being super frugal around your personal development isn’t going to give you the freedom you want.  Spending money to join this course isn’t going to make you homeless on the street. It’s a smart, safe and worthwhile investment. Join us!

ALCHEMISTS: I know you’re complacent about money. Easy come, easy go right? You can always manifest more, what’s the big deal? But, I also know you have a big desire to change the world, and money is only going to AMPLIFY the good you can do. Let me be blunt – you’re playing too small right now. Let’s turn your magic into wealth… for everyone. The world needs you. Join us! You know you’ll manifest the money to pay it back anyway!

CELEBRITIES: Underneath your glitz and glamour is a giant heart, and not everyone in your world appreciates the sparkle you bring into their lives. But you know what? Of all the SMAs, everyone secretly wants to be YOU, because you role model self-care and pleasure. And when I help you harness those gifts, your leadership will help SO many women raise their standards for themselves. Joining us in the SMA course will be an incredible purchase that will pay off for years to come. Join us!

CONNECTORS: I know you sometimes judge other entrepreneurs because they care “more about money than people” and also that’s why you justify keeping your business small. I see you! Keeping your head in the sand is not only hurting you, but it’s stopping you from helping SO many people with your gifts. Let me help you serve and prosper (you don’t have to choose). Join us now - think of all the new friends you’ll make!

MAVERICKS: Let me try some reverse psychology on you – don’t join this course. In fact, you’re forbidden! Ha ha. No seriously, I know you sometimes resist what works, even when it goes against your own self-interest. You know what’s more fun than being a rebel? Being a RICH rebel! Nobody has more freedom than a rich maverick. Break the rules AND be a role model for others who want to break free too. But whatever you do, definitely DON’T join SMA.

NURTURERS: I know you give so much that you feel wrung out (maybe even secretly resentful). Your heart aches at all the problems you want to solve in the world, but you’re afraid that asking for money is going to turn you into a greedy, soulless bitch. That will never happen, but I can help you with the beautiful boundaries you need, and help you develop courage to charge well for what you do. Join us!

ROMANTICS: I want to appeal to your guilty inner hedonist who has probably been told that you’re lazy or just “not good with money”. I know thinking about money sometimes bursts your chill bubble, but I promise you it’s not going to be boring, complicated or scary. Money is going to help take everything on your dream board and turn it into reality. Don’t procrastinate, join us!

RULERS: I know you have BIG BIG dreams and you’re impatient that they aren’t happening as fast as you’d like. Hear this with love: You have more inner work to do. You have to master “grace and flow”, even though you’ll resist it with every fiber of your workaholic personality. Surrender your worker bee credentials and you’ll become Queen of your world. Join us!


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Complete Training Program of over 40 videos and assignments for all 8 Sacred Money Archetypes®. All with PDF transcripts and audio downloads available.

Access to the Sacred Money Archetypes® library of visualizations, exercises, worksheets, interviews and bonuses.

Practical homework assignments and money tips to get organised, clear clutter and set boundaries with your money. 


  • 1. Discover Your Sacred Money Archetypes®. Dive into 8 in-depth training videos to learn about each Archetype and how to recognize it in yourself and others. Discover how the archetypes work together, including influences from your partner, parents, kids, competitors, and clients.
  • 2: Profiting From Your Unique Strengths.
    What are your natural gifts when it comes to money and business and how can you design services, products or even business models so you can create a more natural path to money. We'll be discussing marketing ideas, launch strategies and ideal clients for YOUR unique money personality.
  • 3: Overcoming Your Money Challenges.
    Identify the habits, beliefs, and behaviors that repeatedly sabotage you financially. I'll help you streamline, outsource and eliminate anything against your natural money flow. Plus - money boundaries - this is different and unique for everyone!
  • 4: Creating Alignment With Money.
    What is your true path to wealth? How you can float downstream and stop working so hard? You'll learn tools to evaluate future projects, staff and business ideas, and the confidence to be who you truly are.



Finding out about my Connector money personality was such a revelation. I could suddenly see my old, unhealthy money patterns and access blocks I just couldn’t see before. Within 24 hours I found myself spontaneously clearing out a huge amount of scarcity consciousness that was keeping me playing smaller than I needed to be. This is exactly the work I was looking for to help me take my business to the next level.

Thank you Denise.

- Sam Nolan-Smith


I loved the course. It was eye opening to understand where my self-sabotage is coming from and that there are gifts that can be brought to light from those parts of my personality as a Romantic, Celebrity, Maverick. I truly believe that I can focus on these aspects of myself for good.

This course has also helped me understand my business blocks. I'm thinking about how I can emphasize my primary archetypes and sprinkle in the others. It's going to require me to really step up, but I believe it's my time and I'm ready for the next step. 😉

Thank you so much! It was an honor to be seen during this journey 🙂



Loved the course! I FINALLY understand the origin of money drama...and my husband's.

It's stopped me from spending spending spending...mostly money on course after course. I'm unsubscribing from all of the gurus and sticking with the few who have really helped me and Denise Duffield-Thomas is at the top of my list.

SMA is a life-changer!! owner or employee...who has an issue with money should dive in!


Special Offer

What you're getting:

Special Offer E-Course Price. The LIVE Coaching Program was priced at $1,497 this year but has now closed. So if I'm thrilled to offer you the SMA Digital E-Course for a discounted price of just $497 or two payments of $249.

Complete E-Course Training Program including over 40 training videos (with audio and PDF transcripts) for ALL 8 Sacred Money Archetypes®

Three 90 minute powerful training workshops to help you create your conscious money compass, empower your money voice and breakthrough your money boundaries.

Access to the Sacred Money Archetypes® library of visualizations, exercises, worksheets and homework assignments. For example - how to save more money, make spending decisions and get out of debt according to your archetype.

More Bonuses!

BONUS: SMA Interview Series: featuring 9 highly successful heart-centered entrepreneurs with real-life examples of how to use Sacred Money Archetypes® to build and grow your business.

BONUS: Attracting Your Ideal Customer Workshop: a pre-recorded 90-minute workshop covering how to identify your ideal customers using the Sacred Money Archetypes framework.

Discover your customers' money beliefs, gifts, challenges and the language you need to use to attract more of the high paying customers you want.


SPECIAL OFFER: $497 Or 2 x $249

More testimonials


I gained so much clarity with this course in such a short space of time. It's quite unbelievable that doing this course has given me the idea for a business that I actually want to get up every morning and do something in, and one which I would consider leaving medicine for. This is a huge milestone for me, and one that I would never have got to if it wasn't for this course.

I needed the permission, the encouragement, and the "behind the scenes" reality to gain the courage to get going! So on the whole, I'd say the course has pretty much changed my life. 🙂 Thank you!



I loved the idea of understanding my particular archetype with money. I love, love personality and archetype profiling because distinctions help us understand particulars that we are unable to identify before they are laid out before us. This was the case for me. It also helps to understand why my particular boldness and courage is attractive to others, while also being difficult for them to actually do.

I love Denise's groundedness as an individual and her brilliant business mind. She is an excellent teacher and is gifted with insight. It was an honor to get to know her through this program. Thank you!

- Vanessa Horn


I absolutely loved this course! It was amazing to learn more about my specific tendencies around money, how to embrace the ones that serve me and how to work with the money tendencies that don't.

It has opened my eyes to my personal money mindset and helped me let go of any shame and guilt around my money mindset because I now know that it is simply a part of my personal money tendencies. Instead of using my limited energy and shaming myself or questioning my money mindset, I can now accept it, embrace it and learn to use it to my advantage. Such a huge gift!


Oh… still scrolling?


Getting to know my money archetypes has completely transformed the way I operate and market my business and I want the same for you.

I can help you see your unique and profitable path to success.

Knowing that money influences every aspect of your life and business, aren’t you MORE than willing to invest in understanding your true self?

It's time to make more money - YOUR WAY.

Discovering your Sacred Money Archetypes® will do all of this for you and so much more.

Let’s get you started now!


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